Monday, 5 March 2012

All blackberry password restore and factory settings


Follow under steps for rest Blackberry password * factory reset also you will know more about information

Download: jl_cmder v1.9.3.rar

Open JL_Cmder

and then press any key example: Enter

Press no then your password will be disable from your Blackberry phone.
Press Y then you be choice d for Enter a new password or change manual.

Type what you choice your password, example: we type 11220, password will be sown on JL_Cmder down screen, You confirm after press enter then you be finish password season.

Also you can know basic info about from your Blackberry phone for type 1
Press 2 for Event log
Press 3 for Screenshot

Press 4 when you want to like erase all data from your phone press Y or press N to don't want erase
press 5 for rest factory you Blackberry this oparetion to will be fully rest phone also be password rest
Note: This means your phone's all data will be erase. So make sure before do this.

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