Saturday, 25 August 2012

Guitar Hero - Warriors of Rock 1.0 (BlackBerry)

With this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original"
Guitar Hero is now available on blackberry! Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original.

Rock's gauntlet has been thrown down - accept the challenge and transform from Rock Star to Rock Warrior in Guitar Hero™: Warriors of Rock. As Johnny Napalm, your story begins at the legendary CBGB club in New York. Master the first setlist in the all-new Career/Quest Mode and unlock ""Warrior Johnny"" and his special ""Speed Freak+"" ability. Continue your quest by mastering setlists - unlocking new songs, venues and a second playable Warrior along the way - until you're ready to face The Beast in an epic battle to the finish! Or hone your chops in Practice/Training Mode where you can rehearse playing any unlocked song. Dig deep into rock opuses by bands like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, AFI, and Slash (featuring Ian Astbury) while completing a chromatic collection of Guitar Hero Achievements. The familiar gameplay of past Guitar Hero games combined with superb game controls designed to melt faces - not fingers - make Warriors of Rock a must-have for mobile gamers. The fate of Rock is in your hands!

* Match the Green, Red, and Yellow notes as they reach the nearest the fret bar. Hit complete groups of star-shaped notes to achieve ""Star Power"" and double your multiplier... score BIG combos by hitting 10 or more correct notes in a row. Keep an eye on the ROCK METER to see how hard you're rocking.
* Unlock ""Warrior"" versions of playable characters that have increased special abilities - like “Speed Freak+” and “Star Power Nova+” - in addition to wildly different appearances and instruments that would make even the biggest rock legends blush.
* Unlock venues in which to thrill new audiences
* A whole host of rock favorites to SHRED including tracks from The Rolling Stones, Sum 41, AFI, Slash (featuring Ian Asbury), and Aerosmith
* Earn over 16 of unique Guitar Hero Achievements such as Anthemic Archivist and Lucifer's Accountant
* Wanna be the best rocker in the world? Check the leaderboard to see just how hard you ROCK."

Requirements: BlackBerry OS

Download for free on

Download for free on

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