Tuesday, 23 April 2013

RED LED Solution nuked 9900

RED LED Solution nuked 9900

Here I bring the red LED solution will leave two solutions that are mine and helped me a lot to thank costs nothing

LED ROJO 9900 - Download - 4shared
solucion 9900 led rojo nukeado - Download - 4shared

Instructions for use:

1) Do not connect the phone
2) Run the 9900Boot.exe
3) Connect the phone
4) When you finish the phone stay flashing, disconnect the phone.
5) Run NAL9900.exe
6) Connect the phone.
7) When the process is finished disconnect the phone.
8) Run SFI9900.exe
9) After the process the phone stay ready to load the OS with AppLoader.

1. Download all the files and put them together in a folder.
Two. Run by the 4 files listed (1.resetbootroom, 2.eraseall, 3.writeboot, 4.writenewmemory)
1. process 1, 2 and 3 must be set realiz without battery.
Two. 4th process must be connected without battery and place during the process.
Three. between each process must deesconectar and connect the phone.

Good Luck

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